i>clicker 7.4.1 to be released Thursday!

i>clicker 7.4.1 will be releasing on Thursday, July 23, 2015.  i>clicker 7.4.1 allows instructors to use the new and improved mobile solution, REEF Polling by i>clicker. REEF Polling replaces the previous mobile solution, i>clicker GO. In addition to the mobile product transition, i>clicker 7.4.1 improves reporting and enables instructors to update their software for future releases simply by running “Check for Update”.

IMPORTANT: Instructors who want to continue using i>clicker’s mobile solution are required to move from i>clicker 6 to i>clicker 7.4.1 or transition to the REEF Polling instructor application – see which option is best for you.

  • i>clicker GO will no longer be supported after August 15, 2015.
  • REEF Polling accounts have already been created for students with active i>clicker GO accounts, and all existing subscription time has been transferred – students with i>clicker GO accounts but no remaining subscription time will need to create a new REEF Polling account by downloading the iOS app (Android available in the fall) or through reef-education.com.
  • Students can log into their new REEF Polling account using their existing i>clicker GO credentials and remaining i>clicker GO subscription time will be automatically available in REEF Polling.

Instructors wishing to use mobile polling after August 15th will need to use the upgraded i>clicker software (or the REEF Polling instructor application) and REEF Polling, similar to their previous i>clicker GO setup.

To learn more about REEF Polling, please watch this brief video.