Policies & Procedures

Classroom Support provides assistance to instructors in the operation of classroom technology, design, installation, and maintenance of classroom technology equipment, and operates the Turlington Media Center for portable equipment check-out and rental.

Support for Classroom Instruction

Staff are available on call during regularly scheduled class hours to assist instructors with the use of classroom technology equipment in UF’s general classrooms. Call 352-392-6683 for immediate assistance during those hours. Non-emergency issues may be reported by email to classrooms@ufl.edu.

Instructors who are new to UF’s general classrooms or a particular classroom or who simply would like an update on operation of the lastest equipment installed in UF’s classrooms should contact Classroom Support by email or phone to arrange an appointment with a staff member in the classroom(s) in question. This one-on-one session includes information on how to project various media, controlling the equipment using the room’s built-in control system, how to use the interactive LCD panel in the classroom for interactive digital annotation (where available), how to use the student response system (where available), how to use the various presentation software included on the instructor computer, and how to connect your own laptop to the classroom system.

Equipment Installed in Classrooms

Classroom Support provides and maintains installed classroom technology equipment in all UF General Classrooms. Please see the Classroom Information page for a list of supported classrooms, including detailed information about equipment, configuration, and pictures of each classroom. All UF General Classrooms are equipped with a data projector with sound amplification, a computer, Internet connection, and DVD/VHS player, as well as connections for an instructor-provided laptop computer. Additional equipment may vary by classroom. All rooms over 100 seats also include wireless microphone systems.

University of Florida faculty and instructors may use the classroom technology equipment in classrooms for academic purposes. The equipment is available for scheduled University of Florida courses during the hours officially scheduled for each course. An Classroom Support staff member is available to provide assistance during these hours.

Data projectors and video playback equipment installed in classrooms are available for use by any groups that have reserved the classroom through the Registrar, but support is not provided to groups other than instructors of University of Florida credit courses during their officially scheduled class times, except by prior arrangement and payment of cost recovery fees. Support is not available outside of normal classroom scheduled hours Monday through Friday, except by prior arrangement and payment of cost recovery fees.

Classroom computers are accessible only to instructors of officially scheduled University of Florida credit courses during the scheduled meeting times. Gatorlink usernames/passwords are required to access the classroom computer.

Equipment Check-out for Use in UF Credit Courses

Classroom Support provides an equipment check-out service for instructors of officially scheduled UF credit courses teaching in locations other than UF’s general classrooms. Portable equipment, including data projectors, laptop computers, DVD/VHS players, document cameras, audio tape and CD players, video cameras, and tripods, is available. Instructors must pick up equipment not more than one hour before class, and return it not more than one hour after class each day. Overnight or weekend checkout is not available. A UF ID card must be presented when picking up equipment.

Instructors are advised that if they are not physically able to transport the needed equipment to their place of instruction or simply for convenience, they may, by prior arrangement, have a student from their course or under their supervision, or staff member from their department pick up and/or return the equipment on their behalf. Instructors and their departments are financially responsible for equipment checked out in their name at all times. Supervising faculty members may arrange for equipment check-out for thesis/dissertation defenses. Only a single piece of each type of equipment may be checked out, to insure equipment availability for all instructors.

Equipment Rental for Use in Other UF Activities

Portable equipment, including data projectors, laptop computers, DVD/VHS players, document cameras, audio tape and CD players, video cameras, and tripods is available for rental for UF activities such as participation in conferences, seminars, professional presentations, service events, research and other meetings. Equipment rental is not available for individuals or for events not associated with the University. Equipment delivery, setup, tear-down, and on-site support by professional staff and/or student assistants is available for a fee.

An Equipment Loan Agreement Form signed by a Dean, Director, or Department Chair accepting financial responsibility for the equipment must be received before any rental equipment can be checked out. A rental fee schedule and billing information are available here.

Scheduling Classrooms

University classrooms are scheduled by the Office of the University Registrar, in coordination with departmental scheduling coordinators. To schedule a classroom for departmental courses, please contact your department’s scheduling coordinator. For other events, you may contact the Office of the University Registrar at 352-392-1374.

Development of Materials for Classroom Presentations

The Office of Academic Technology can assist instructors with the development of instructional materials for delivery in a classroom setting or over the Internet. Services include:

Proper Licensing of Software for use in University Classrooms

Computers provided by Classroom Support operate on a standardized software configuration that is developed to support classroom instruction. Only properly licensed software may be installed by instructors on classroom computers. All data files and programs are erased from classroom computers at reboot or overnight, unless prior arrangements have been made with Classroom Support staff. For more information, please contact Classroom Support at 352-392-6683.

The Office of Academic Technology is not responsible for damage of any personal software, data, digital, or magnetic media which results from mechanical or human error.