List of Installed Software on Classroom Computers

General purpose application software is provided on the installed classroom computers, as well as software supporting screen annotation, classroom student responses, and other presentation technologies. Classroom computer software configurations are not changed during a semester to preserve the stability of the machines for all instructors.

Specialized software must be provided by the instructor. Instructors should either bring in a laptop computer with the needed software pre-installed, or assign any needed software licenses to the classroom computer and contact Classroom Support for assistance installing the software. It is the instructor’s responsibility to verify and maintain proper software licensing for any specialized software they have installed. For assistance with software installation on classroom computers or to address any questions or comments about classroom computer software, email or call 352-392-6683.

Software Title Version
7-Zip 9.20
Adobe Connect add-in 11.2.261
Adobe Flash Player 20.0
Adobe Shockwave 12.2
Adobe Reader 15
TechSmith Relay Recorder (formerly Camtasia Relay) 4.4.2
Citrix Receiver 14.3
Epic Pen 1.0
Google Earth 7.1.5
Internet Explorer 11
iTunes 12.3
Java 8.0
Microsoft Office professional 2013
Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.4
Mozilla Firefox 42.0
Quicktime 7.78
R Studio 0.99
R for Windows 3.2.1
RealPlayer Enterprise 18.2
Skype 7.16
Smart Notebook 15.2
Teamviewer 9.0
VLC Player 2.2.1
Windows Media Player 11
Yawcam 0.4.2