Classroom Standards

2012 Classroom Standards (PDF)

All UF units are required to comply with UF’s construction standards, including the Standards for Classrooms, A/V & Collaborative Space Design, when constructing new or renovated facilities. These standards exist to insure that all UF facilities are designed to maximize the effectiveness of the space in meeting the teaching, research, and engagement missions of the University.

Standard Equipment

All general classrooms at the University of Florida are equipped with a computer, SMART Sympodium interactive LCD panel, overhead projector, ceiling-mounted data projector, multimedia patch panel, internet connection, combination DVD/VHS player, and a dry-erase or chalkboard. A few of our rooms, typically larger classrooms, have a document camera as well. Some rooms also have a Student Response System installed, either Turningpoint or H-ITT, which allows for electronic polling and quizzing of students.

A list of software provided on the installed computers is available here.